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Go To Market In Asia

Going to market in Asia is very complex, and very costly for companies of all shapes and sizes. Velocity can help take you to market with a very affordable and proven model that will lay the foundations of growth for you as a company without having to invest in your own people here in the region. Velocity will take your products and technologies to our vast and focused customer base, from Channel Partners to End Users at the C suite level and enable your business to create the right market demand and sales so within 6 months to a year you have the right customers and partners selling your products, and all done through Velocity who will act as you in the region.

Our experience of running large IT organizations across Asia for combined 45 years means we know who you need to talk too, and how we can gain you quick time to revenues.

We have many options to help you in Asia, wether you are a startup for the Asia market, or a large company needing help in exiting markets, we can help you and devise the right solution for your companies needs.  Navigating Asia isn't easy and it's easy to take the wrong path very quickly, so at Velocity we ensure from the beginning to put you on the right path for short and long term success.

Find out more about our process and engagement we use with you to drive the market in Asia, and call us today and we will sit down with you and build a plan that suits your goals and needs as a company. 

Some Of Our Clients


Kaminario Leads the way with Velocity in All Flash Technology in Asia.

"Velocity was key for us as we embarked on unchartered waters in Asia. They knew where to place our products, which partners and customers, and the traction we have seen very early on continues to lead our company to new heights"

Itay Shoshani - Chief Revenue Officer - Kaminario

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