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About Us

At Velocity, we are a select cadre of seasoned leaders who have commanded vast organizations of up to 45,000 individuals, learning from and contributing to the ranks of the globe's most visionary leaders. Our team is dedicated to imparting the wisdom of inspiration, teaching you how to ignite the spark of greatness within your people. As you journey with us, you won't just learn to lead; you'll ascend to the heights of exceptional leadership.


With a collective 45 years of leadership at the helm of major corporations alongside esteemed CEOs, Velocity is exceptionally positioned to propel your company to success. Our expertise lies in uncovering innovative and distinctive strategies to secure a competitive edge in the marketplace and drive growth in all your endeavors.

With over four decades of experience at the helm of major IT organizations such as Oracle, HP, Symantec and globally having worked for some of the worlds most influential leaders.  Adrian has emerged as a dynamic and charismatic leader with a years of experience in Go-To-Market leading organisations, and a passion for mentoring and working to unlock people true leadership potential,  Inspiring them to harness their unique abilities and achieve success..

Adrian Jones

Leadership Coach and Facilitator 

Alex Tan is a renowned Senior Business Executive in the Technology Sector, with an illustrious career spanning three decades. His expertise in Sales Management, Marketing, and Operations is marked by a trail of exemplary leadership achievements. Known for his outstanding mentorship and leadership, Alex possesses a deep understanding of how to elevate individual performance and foster team excellence.

Alex Tan

Leadership Coach and  Facilitator

Boasting over two decades at the forefront of Marketing and Communications, Daniel is a masterful leader who excels in galvanizing managers toward excellence. His international leadership experience, enriched by living and working in various countries worldwide, has equipped him with a profound understanding of diverse cultural landscapes, enabling him to guide and inspire managers from a multitude of backgrounds to achieve greatness.

Daniel Oppitz

Marketing Facilitator

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